Out back of Black Bikes lives a small music studio called Dead Beat where Perths best bands gather to create excellent music.

Perth has always been known as the birthplace of some of Australias biggest bands and it is hidden hives like Deadbeat where the genius is brewed.

Black Bikes has always been a massive supporter of local music and from time to time we will update the track here so you can be exposed to the sound of Perths best while you peruse the sweetness of two wheeled human propelled steel.

Now sit back and listen to a track by Luke Dux and Dave Benck from their gritty side project 'Dux and Downtown.

#TheFloors #DowntownDave #LukeDux #BlackBikes #DeadBeat #DuxDowntown #Perth #Music #TameImpala #TimothyNelson #KillDevilHills #Bicycle

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